Jon for President!!

  Vote for me and I will…

End poverty, war, and world hunger.

Promote religious tolerance, racial equality,
and economic independence.

Tie my shoes, straighten my glasses, and sit when I’m tired.

Well… the last ones I can do for sure. The rest require world’s cooperation. But if I am elected president, all of these can be achieved. This website is for the promotion of my candidacy for the presidency of the United States of America. Vote for me and all these things can become a reality. Or at least I will make you believe they can become a realty, and that’s the most important part.*

"Life is like a box of chocolates, Forrest... "


This is only a test


The Issues      


Transforming Education      


Greed Busters


Energy - ZELE and beyond                         


Financial Crisis Solution




Religious Tolerance Manifesto               




Show Me the Money


War on Poverty                 


Gay Marriage


World Conquest via the US Military          


A Real World Changer


Business I would Start              


Farm Aid for Foreign Countries


Sex Education for Teenagers    


Mothers should Rule the World


Prison Reform                        


You say You want a Revolution?

* "If our dreams feel like they can come true, then we will have the courage to pursue them."

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