Discipleship 101

I blame Francis Chan for this.  
(I blame the Holy Spirit even more.)


He has stressed many times that we should not so much be making disciples as making disciplemakers, that is, equipping others not just for the happy path of sanctified living but equipping others to equip others.  

As I have been a discipler of many years (that's what a Sunday School teacher is), this struck a chord in me. 


So I went forth (yea, verily) to see what websites there were out there that had this emphasis.  Alas, I really didn’t find any satisfying ones… not even one… not even the one by Francis himself (and John Platt) at multiplymovement.com.   Alas.


So as is my wont, I proceeded to construct one.  I finished the framework (which if you click on this link, you will be sucked into the vortex of Discipleship-101.org), but the corresponding lessons themselves will require 2 lifetimes to complete.  Someone tell Francis that I hate him.  Also tell him that I have found a perfect theme song for his book Crazy Love; Chris Rice’s “Love like Crazy”.


So while I am very grateful that the framework is in place, I can only pick away at the lessons as time permits.  But for whatever benefit you might obtain from this ongoing work, be blessed.

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