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“If I were a rich man…” , boy, would I get into a lot of trouble. I’d create businesses for ex-convicts to own and operate, life-skills universities for dropouts and underachievers, adult play parks (including a water park where you don’t get wet), homeless hotels, and the Jon Simmons New and Improved Youth Center. I’ll never be accused of lacking variety.
Having been intimately acquainted with inner city youth for some time now, I think that a youth center is a good idea for kids who don’t find much discipline at home and are starved for wholesome food (physically, emotionally, and mentally). This is more of a collection of ideas than a strategic plan. I like to think that it will evolve depending on the needs and desires of those that it serves.


• $1.00 admission charge – This needs to “cost” something to invest it with value.

• Age limits for open hours – Age 6 to 12 (14) > open 2 pm to 5:45 pm.
Age (12) 14 to 18 > open 6 pm to 10 pm.

• Study hall with adult assistants.

• $1 can be earned back for a 2 paragraph essay on the moral issue of the day.

• Enterprise Zone for student businesses.

• Job Board showing local full or part time positions.

• Computer monitored house building project (or repair)
- Printout of phases of work that need to be preformed next.
- Names of adults or skill qualified students that will be needed to accompany that person(s) in the completion of that phase.
- Progress shown and tracked by the computer.

• Entertainment Zone – TV’s (with switchable headsets and exer-cycles hooked to generators), movie of the day, rock climbing wall, computers with educational games, internet access (text only/no pictures).

• Wholesome food at reduced prices.

• Decibel meter – If noise goes above a certain level, a loud buzzer goes off. Ejection for repeated offenses.

• Security clearances – 10 or 20 times without a complaint means that you get to use the internet with pictures.

• A sign that says, “The 10 Marks of a Adult”
- The ability to admit when one is wrong.
- Self control.
- Respect for all ages.
- Willingness to be ‘punished’ for wrong doing.
- Courtesy
- Dependable
- Willing to sacrifice



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