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           “What the world… needs now… is love… sweet love. ”  Not!
You would think by what you see in the movies that love can conquer all. But there is something that is stronger than love which can change the world, and which is less subject to individualistic interpretations, namely, gratitude. This is something that is becoming lost in the affluent societies, but which can turn hearts from despair to satisfaction.

• Are you regretting the body parts you have that don’t work or aren’t pretty, or are you glad for the parts that still do work?

• Are you grateful to your parents? Is there anything for which you can give them thanks?

• What do you like best about your spouse? When was the last time you told them?

• I say give your kids a double hug when they do more than is expected of them.

• Do you appreciate any of your brothers or sisters? Why?

• When was the last time you told a friend that you were glad to have them as a friend?

• Is your boss worthy of any praise? Have you told him/her? Are you glad to even have a job?

• Do you have business associates or customers? Can you have your own little customer appreciation day?

• Does your government do anything well? Who have you told?

• Is God good? May I suggest that instead of presenting your morning “wish list” to God, that you thank Him for all the many mercies that have been extended to you, and for the benefits yet to come.

Revolution comes from dissatisfaction baked in an oven of injustice. Turn up the heat and out it boils. Gratitude has the opposite effect. And because this world is often unfair (but not worth rioting in the streets about), being appreciative for the little you do have can go a long way towards giving you a good night’s rest and an anticipation of the new day.

Do I really need to say anymore?

Maybe so. I just came across an article by Rickie Clark Sr. wherein he suggests 5 things: Never hate, curb the worry, live simply, give more, expect less.
I LIKE it, but I’ll add one more… be grateful.

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