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Mothers should Rule the World

Proposition: In the future, only mothers should be allowed to run for high office, namely congress/parliament and the presidency.


Argument: If mothers were ruling the world, there would be no war. Why? Because of the possibility of death to someone else’s children. When one considers the amount of time invested in one’s child; the heartache and the joys; the hopes and the fears; the private moments of innocent hugs and “I love you’s” and watching them discover… everything; when these are meditated upon, how can there be war? Mothers will find another way. Some way. Any way. Any possibility that will save their children’s lives.


You know, I wonder about life in lawless countries like Somalia and Burma. I wonder what it is like to be a mother there. I wonder how they love their children. Isn’t there a danger of loving them too much? Wouldn’t the knowledge that they can be so easily killed or taken away be overwhelmingly sorrowful. Wouldn’t love be withheld? I mean, you don’t want to love your child too much for it can, in an instant, be taken from you. That is the tragedy of lawlessness. Not starvation. Not tyranny and oppression. Not even destruction and disease. It is the fact that you don’t dare love your child too much. Better not to love at all.


How, no, why do men not consider this? Are we so intent upon vanquishing a foe that we forgot the miracle of human life? That each person represents enormous possibilities to bless and change the world? When we cut short that life, we cut short the world… and break a mother’s heart. How can we do this?


Oh, I suppose that evil must be resisted, even overcome. But aren’t there ways to do this without taking life or scaring bodies (and minds)? I can think of a few. But nobody listens to me.

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