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Sex Education for Teenagers


How to get pregnant...


You have likely been to Sex Ed classes that talk about 'sperm + egg = baby', and 'safe sex'. But that is not how you get pregnant. You have friend who are toying with the idea of 'doing it' or other friends who are 'doing it' and getting away with it, but that also is not how you make the mistake of becoming pregnant


Teenagers who become pregnant usually do so unexpectedly. It is unexpected because no one ever told them about the ‘human sexual response cycle’ nor emphasized its power nor told them the vast differences between males and females.


Arousal - Stimulation - Plateau - Climax - Resolution. These were the ‘steps’ described by Masters and Johnson in their 1966 book The Human Sexual Response. In your Sex Ed classes you might have heard of them. Maybe not. But what is important to know is that once the cycle begins, it is very hard to stop what comes next.


For boys it starts when he begins to get hard. For girls it starts when she begins to get wet. Now for the first big difference between boys and girls (and men and women). Males become aroused MUCH faster than females. You probably already knew this. But what you may not know is that once aroused, a boy (or man) will begin to use every power at his disposal to convince the girl to continue the… whatever it is you’re doing. People (all of us) get a little bit stupid, a little bit more yielding, a little bit more bold, once they are aroused. That’s a problem if you aren’t married. That’s a problem if you don’t want to become pregnant. That’s how date rapes happen.


But there is another difference between males and females, namely, the difference each person places on the importance of love and sex. Everyone agrees that both are essential to relationships. But the truth is that boys (and men) hold sex in higher esteem than do girls (and women). How this plays out in life is that most males will have sexual thoughts much earlier in the relationship than females (like even before they ever have even met you). Females, because they have a more instinctive and mature understanding of love than males do, are happy to let things progress slowly, allowing the relationship to grow before sex becomes an option. Maybe this is not true for everyone, but it is true for the vast majority.


This is the main reason why teenage girls think teenage boys are immature. This is why adult women mistrust adult men. Sadly, females will sometimes have sex to (mistakenly) secure a relationship. Also sadly, males often will magnify sexual thoughts into (mistakenly) thinking that they are in love. So what happens when a teenage boy becomes quickly aroused (and stupid) and these mistaken notions are floating about? That’s how you get pregnant.

Questions for discussion

- Why is it a ‘mistake’ for a teenager to become pregnant? Why is this necessarily wrong?


- Why doesn’t school teach about abortion or adoption or child raising along with it’s Sex Ed classes? Should it?    Does it teach about dating or engagement or marriage? Should it?


- Why marry? What is the purpose of marriage? What role does sex in marriage have that sex outside of marriage violates? For example: Why not cheat on your spouse?


- Did God or society invent marriage? If it’s God idea, has He said anything about it? What?


- Did God or society invent sex? If it’s God idea, has He said anything about it? What?


- What about dating and romance? Is there a reason, a wisdom, in delaying simple physical affection like hugging and kissing until much later in the relationship? No? Re-read the above.

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