Jon for President!!

This is Only a Test

If this were a real presidential announcement, you would be instructed to proceed calmly to the nearest fallout shelter and await further instructions.

This is not a presidential bid.  Come on!  Seriously?  Do you really believe that a nobody like me would stand a chance in the current political circus?  I’m not pretty.  I don’t have a commanding speaking voice.  And I have zero political connections.  Can you say  "u-n-e-l-e-c-t-a-b-l-e"?

This website serves 2 purposes: First, to serve as a portal to my other websites or essays, and second, to satisfy the secret desire of every red-blooded American who has ever said, “If I were president, I would… ”

And this too: I’m not getting any younger.  And there are just so many brain cells left.  If I have anything to contribute to humanity, I had better get around to it before old age starts to slow my brain down and humbles my good health.  What you are reading is the best I can do.  My prayer is to be allowed to do it a little longer but who knows when one will begin to slow down.  If anything, this site represents the benchmark of my intellect.  I would like to be smarter and wiser, and God may still yet grant me a bit more of these, but the arch of life we all share and the normal decline experienced in aging say otherwise. 

It’s sad when you think about it.  How many young people hang out at nursing homes awaiting wisdom to be dispensed from the patients?  Not many.  None, really.  The truth is they can’t wait to leave.  For the feeble it is the final marginalization; the last insult to our dignity.  Nobody cares what we know and we’ve forgotten half of it anyway.

Could I even run for president?  Probably not.  I detest partisan politics so I would never vote the party line so no party will ever endorse me.  I would shun contributions that would mean favors later so my budget would be rather small so I could never do much in the way of advertising or mailings.  I dislike kissing babies, pressing flesh, or fund raisers in general so I wouldn’t have many connections so I likely wouldn’t be on anyone’s short list of people to invite to their next political shindig.  And (and this is a really big AND), devout Christians are usually baited by the media so they can be exposed as hypocrites, or, marginalized as not in touch with modern culture.  I am thinking that there is little hope of any political viability for me.

Would I like to be president?  Boy, would I!  I’ve got ideas by the boat load.  Most people like me and trust me.  I am an excellent communicator and encourager; and I laugh… a lot.  I much prefer discussion to debate.  And I would hope that my integrity might just stay intact for the entire 4 year term and maybe longer.  This is why I have intentionally used a ‘candidate’s  persona’ in writing the political essays on the main page of this site.  These ARE my political opinions.  May God have mercy on my ignorance.  And (and this is a really big AND), may God use anything good I might have written to penetrate the heart of decision makers or factory workers or high school students… or even you, my dear reader!

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