Jon for President!!

You say you want a revolution… weeell, I’ve got a plan.

For the unemployed - Ask businesses if they have any jobs that don’t require pre-existing skills and for which the state would pay half the wage (or a set amount per hour) for a year. Plug the unemployed in there. After a year the company could hire them full time, or, they would be moved to another business. Employees who were fired (for whatever reason) would be evaluated and reassigned. 3 consecutive firings means no more state assistance, neither financial nor medical (if not prison). Note: Employees who do have preexisting skills could be hired into the jobs for which their skill-set fits, and again the state could pay half (or a set amount) because their unemployment benefits are usually greater.

For the schools - Double the class size. Instead of assigning 2 teachers (which would be appropriate and cost the same as 2 classes), assign one teacher and one monitor (at half the wage). This would decrease costs immediately. Also, allow businesses or interested individuals to teach courses after normal schools hours. They would not be paid a wage, but the grades and outcomes would appear as credits on the student’s record. Also, increase the computer terminals in the study labs on which students can earn credit hours. Lab credits cost less than classroom credits, you know.

For healthcare - “Carrots for Calories”: Some people are motivated by financial incentives, some by penalties, some by extended privileges, some by whatever. Whatever motivation will get you to lose weight NOW is your carrot. Find carrots and offer them to the public for either losing a certain percentage of their weight or maintaining a set weight for their height and age. Basically, skinny people get less diseases (like diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol). This will lessen the burden on the healthcare system. Note: A similar strategy got China’s population growth stabilized. Note: Some people do it without outside motivation. Maybe let the government negotiate for half-price fitness club memberships for them.

For security, homeland or otherwise - Profiling is an effective method for predicting potential threats. But it stinks. Security clearances are what the government uses in all it’s departments, so why not use it for the public at large. You could put them on the driver’s licenses. One star means you're a normal, got-to-go-thru-the-metal-detector, ordinary, everyday, average guy. Two stars means they have registered themselves with the state which includes fingerprints, verifiable personal contacts, job history, and other privacy invasive (but voluntary) information. Three stars means they have registered themselves with the federal government in the same way and have taken psychological exams. Four stars means their cell phone has an always-on GPS locator tethered to a subcutaneous implanted RFID device. These people can visit with airline pilots… during the flight. Not really, but you catch my meaning. Note: The easier it is for people to pass security, the less security is needed. This equals reduced cost at the airport and other places.

For government - Have a moratorium on new hiring. Once a department has been reduced in size by 8%, reduce their budget by 5% and let them hire whoever at will. Also, pass a gasoline tax dedicated to reducing the deficit which is (which must be) tied to a balanced budget amendment. Also, if someone sues a business for damages, and a ‘penalty’ is added to the damages by the state or federal court, the penalty in its entirety should go to the state or federal government. Also, enable public access via computer to more and more services that can be rendered by a secured chat line or Skype video link. Also, any tax increases should be matched by equally proportioned budget reductions. A neat trick, but it can be done.

You say you want a revolution… do you really mean it?

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