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?? There are 4 types of Christians and 4 types of Churches in these modern days. It is reflected in how they deal with Sin.

Take Homosexuality for instance. Either it is proclaimed legitimate and it is the world that needs to change. Or, it is horrible and underscores the truth that ‘God hates Fags’. Or, it can be healed instantly and relapses are the result of lack of faith. Or, it must be dealt with remedially (and at length) and God will help if we submit to Him.

Now here is the kicker… God loves all 4 types and all 4 types are in error. The Merciful are loved because of their love, and detested because they do not discern (nor are appalled with) Sin. The Just are loved because they love righteousness, but are loathed because they do not love mercy. The Charismatics are loved because they believe in the Power of God to change lives, but are a disappointment because the spiritual pride with which they wield it and their shallowness. The Evangelicals are loved because they approach Christian Living with a serous mind (and faith), but, alas, are too shamefaced (compromised, really) to seriously ask God to rain down His blessings.

For me, the great temptation is to expand that number to 7 and so be in conformity with the Book of the Revelation. Perhaps I could add the Traditionalist or the Populist, or the Reverent or the Spontaneous, or the Ascetic or the Missionary. Creative rationalizations are my specialty. But instead, I think I’ll just pause and let the above 4 percolate in my spirit for a while.
But for what is true… thank You, Lord.

[But where will we find the meek? the submissive? the pure? the simple?]



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