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My sister aborted her child.
What will happen to it?  What will happen to her?

Some people believe an aborted fetus is no different than a malignant tumor. Both grow at an accelerated rate. Both are independent of the host, yet dependent on it for nourishment. In fact, a fetus is easier to get rid of and never needs chemotherapy to stay rid of. So why don’t people just get over it?

What if it’s not aborted, what will that fetus turn out to be? a wart? NO, it will be a child--completely human from its conception. It bears the genetic code that will determine a unique individual, affecting everything from personality to creativity to intelligence. And becoming a “parent” means accepting that child and all that that means--responsibility, time, financial commitment, joy. The privilege of watching and molding the adult person the child becomes.

Now for the world’s most tasteless joke: Question: “What is the difference between an unborn child and a fetus?” Answer: “How badly the mother wants it.”

Whoever has aborted a child did something more than have an unwanted tumor removed. That person made a decision that ended a human life. Some people would advise that it was a valid decision—choosing what is best for yourself, as well as for the unborn. But rarely does the guilt just go away despite well-meaning counsel. People often return to the question, what will happen to the mother? to the baby?

Pragmatic advise says: “Nothing will happen to either of you. It will decompose like all dead organic matter. It’s not a person, it never was. So why worry?”

Sympathetic friends will say: “God will take care of it. Nothing innocent will ever be allowed to suffer. As for yourself, give it time. You did the right thing, the reasonable thing. Eventually you’ll realize this.”
Unkind voices may say: “You killed your child, you’re supposed to feel bad. You’ll always feel bad. You’ll just have to live with your choice.”

But there’s another voice. It is a still, small voice. It is the voice of God as He speaks through His Word-- life and death, guilt and forgiveness, sin and redemption all have a turning point. His name is Jesus Christ.

Have you done the wrong thing? Forgiveness is Jesus’ specialty. Are you full of remorse? He will give you peace. Is ‘what might have been’ heavy on your mind? Jesus can sort it out. He loves the little children, even the ones who never felt a loving human touch.

If you need a place to come and talk about Jesus’ love and forgiveness, find a church that loves Him and His Word. Bring your sister!


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