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Adult Vacation Bible School

 (Why should kids have all the fun?)

                               Same format as children's VBS
                                       - Themed Event
                                       - Decorated room(s)
                                       - Games & Crafts?
                                       - Food
                                       - Non-Traditional Classes
                                                Church History
                                            Controversial Verses
                                                Bible and Music
                                               Life and Customs
                                                   in Bible Times
                                     - Different Teachers each day
                                     - ?? Divided by Age Groups or Sex?
                                     - Probably to be held in Winter
                     Motto:  "Why should kids have all the fun?"
                          "Young or old, we are children after all."
                     Use this in promoting to the Neighborhood.
                                      - 5-day event
                                      - Prizes and Gifts to take home
                                      - Use Church Van to pick-up people 
                                      - Convert into carpools if continued
                                         attendance beyond VBS

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