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Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions?

And How! There are over 10,000 manuscript (=handwritten) fragments of just the New Testament, and hardly any of them are identical. The English translation that we use is actually a translation of a translation, inasmuch as Jesus spoke Aramaic not Greek (which the NT is written in). And some passages just plain flat say the opposite of other passages (which if God inspired the its authors, why would He allow such confusion?).

It is important to understand that Bible contradictions do one of two things to a person when they are encountered. They either confirm them in their opinion that the Bible is of human origin and not God’s Word, or, they are driven to study it deeper in seeking to comprehend what at first glance doesn’t make sense. Facts and probabilities do not enter into it.

The fact that the Bible is far and away the best attested ancient book in existence, or that the Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled at the coming of Christ transcend coincidence or collusion by its writers (e.g. 8 prophecies being fulfilled at 50% odds equals a probability of 1 in I,000,000,000,000,000,000; Note: There were over 80 prophecies fulfilled at Christ’s coming.), or the fact that no other book exists that took over 1500 years to write, using over 40 authors, all of widely different backgrounds and places in history, and yet should also be a unified whole,… None of these things impacts a heart that is inclined to trust (or reject) the Book. It goes beyond intellectual assent. It’s a faith thing!

For as many years as there have been people who have taken pot shots at its sacred contents, there have been others who happily researched and gave the reply “Not So!” The centuries are littered with the graves of persons who thought they “had God in a hammer-lock”, only to be proven wrong by a parade of linguistic scholars, archeologists, and apologists. The Bible still stands… uncontradicted… able to change the lives of its readers… showing us the paths of life and death… and an eternal God Who loves us.

[An anecdote:  Someone asked Abraham Lincoln,
“Mr. President, are you bothered by things in the Bible that you don’t understand?” He answered, “No, I am bothered by the things I do understand.” ] 

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