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Hell Tract

Hell is not much talked about these days. Often when it is it is used as a profanity or jokingly. Most people don't give it much thought.

But let's think about it. Is it real? When we die, do we go there? All religions teach this, that after death we go somewhere, either to heaven or hell. Is Heaven real? (We don't give that much thought either.)

Is it permanent?? Can we never leave once we go there? If we are being punished for our sins, how can finite creatures who commit finite sins be sent to a forever place? Answer: If it is easier to do (and think) evil than it is to do (and think) good, then we will always be descending. We are incapable of working our way out of Hell. The same is true for Heaven. It is beyond our ability to be good enough for Heaven.

Hell is a place of no hope; of no second chances. In many respects we have no hope now. We are all going to die. No one is exempt. But even worse, we don't know when, we don't know where, and we don't know how. (And if you think that suicide or euthanasia solves that dilemma, it just proves how self-willed you are.)(Don't feel alone. I'm pretty self-willed too.)

Chances are that if Heaven isn't real, then Hell isn't either. Maybe if we close our eyes long enough, they will both go away.

Have a good night's rest. See you in the morning... maybe.
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