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There is no Hell

There is no Hell!
Then there is no God.

God wouldn't create such a thing as Hell.
Why not? He created Heaven didn't He?

Hell has no second chances.

But God is Merciful, so how can He condemn some to a place of no second chances?
He doesn't. We condemn ourselves to Hell.
If Hell exists, those who end up there will know that they have been condemned justly.

Even if we were guilty enough to go to Hell,
no one can be eternally guilty.

Then does that mean that we are able to stay eternally innocent? If not, then back to Hell we must go
when if ever we depart from innocence.

But it's possible to be innocent more of the time than guilty, so ultimately we will spend
more time in Heaven.

So therefore Heaven and Hell are separated by a revolving door? An "Eternal Revolving Door", so that we can work our way out of Hell by doing good and ceasing the do evil. But what about punishment for sins? Shouldn't guilt be punished?

Guilt has to be punished, or else God is not just.
But there are no "eternal" guilts.
Finite creatures can only do finite sins. Every trespass has a fair but limited (finite) punishment.
True. God is fair. He would never permit us to suffer more than a crime merits. But let's say that we told a lie about someone. And this lie changed the course of their life, which then changed the course of other lives. And the chain went on forever. How long would we be guilty? Or perhaps we took something that didn't belong to us. If we never returned it in this life, how will there be a chance to do it in the next life? It is eternally stolen. Or perhaps said a bad thing to someone, but never apologized. Or broke a law, but were never caught.
Aren't we eternally guilty?

But that's the point of Hell.
We can make up for our guilts there.
We can apologize.
We can pay for our crimes, big ones and little ones.
We can even work to undo that lie.

So we have gone from "there is no Hell" to an "eternal revolving door" to a prison where we atone for our crimes and are released. But can't we atone for our crimes in this life?

There isn't enough time. But in eternity we shall have all the time we need to get the job done.
But that means that we can only do good in the hereafter and never do ill again. This must be true, for that is the only way we can "catch up" with our guilt. But if we can't do that in this life, how can we in the next?

Actually only 5 kinds of people don't worry about Hell:
The Innocent, The Forgiven, the Imbecile, the Deceived,
the Self-deceived (aka, the Enlightened)

Which one are you?
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