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Merry Christmas

How is it that most Christians celebrate Christmas? It’s not in the Bible. No one knows when Jesus was born. Indeed the current date seems to be based on a Roman pagan holiday. What is the justification of such a holiday?

My 2 cents worth:

1) No Christian is commanded or compelled to “observe” Christmas or any other holiday, except perhaps Sunday (the Lord’s day). Or Saturday, if you’re a Seventh Day Adventist, which I’m not.

2) Any Christian may celebrate any day they choose to venerate/celebrate as long as it is not forbidden by the Bible. Cp. Romans 14:5

3) Jesus celebrated holidays, and not just Biblically prescribed ones (like Passover), but also traditional ones (Hanukah)(“the feast of the dedication” John 10:22). This alone should keep us from despising all holidays.

4) If Jesus really lived, Jesus was really born. It is customary in many cultures to commemorate the life of a great person by making their birthday a holiday. When their birthday is unknown, an arbitrary day is chosen.

5) If you would like to celebrate the day that God became flesh in order to save us, you are permitted to pick any day you like. Most of us like December 25. Note: God became flesh not at Jesus’ birth, but at Jesus’ conception. But that’s a technicality. Basically we are celebrating Jesus’ birth.

PS- The reason I like December 25 is because it is 3 days after the longest night of the year. The days start becoming more light on December 22. Count 3 days (the number of the Trinity), and out comes Jesus, the true Light of the World. If I’m not mistaken, the Roman festival of natalis solis invicti was based on the sun having risen ‘one degree’ more than was observed on December 21st, which evidenced it’s return (victory) from its previous decreasing. Hence the birth of the invincible sun. More interestingly, it was Constantine who ordained the first day of the week be named “Sun” day and ‘a day of rest’, but this likely in sympathy to the Church which had heretofore observed the Lord’s day on a work day. (It was the pagans who called it Sunday, but we called it “Son” day.)(Centuries later when we could use a convenient English play on words.)(That’s a joke.)

PSS- Most Christians observe Easter Sunday too. Note: It is a ‘moveable’ feast, meaning, since we don’t know the exact Sunday Christ rose from the dead, we approximate it; based the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox (March 21). However some Christians use the Julian calendar; some base it on Passover in the Jewish calendar. Let all things be done in good faith with a clean conscience.

PSSS- The feast day of John the Baptist is on June 24, basically at the opposite end of the calendar. Good (arbitrary) choice since “he must increase, but I must decrease.” JN 3:30 And so at this time of year light becomes less and less. One wonders why the Romans didn’t have a mortis solis invicti? (That’s a joke.)

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