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Premises of Religion

 The Basics

• There is an existence above or after our present life.
• A God(s) concept.
• Moral good and evil that we have done affect our participation
   in that above/after life.
• A sacred text(s).
• Often a central figure or founder whose life and teachings are

The Outworkings

Normally creates models for worship, ethics for living, and promotes compatible governments. Often has dedicated places of worship. Often has holy sites.

Ultimately develops a world view that includes the nature of the universe, humanity, and the divine. Humans are typically set apart from all other animals. (Animals can’t worship.)

The possessing of  “the Truth” obligates one to tell others and defend it from attack.

The implication that all other religions, while perhaps containing some truth, are either fundamentally flawed or mistaken or deceived. As long as there are at least 2 religions, there will be no peace. Government must either stamp out all religions but one or safeguard religious tolerance.

                             Christian Distinctives
Heaven, God the Father, Hell, the Bible, Jesus Christ

                             Islamic Distinctives
Jannah, Allah, Jahannam, the Koran, Mohammed

                           Buddhist Distinctives
Nirvana, _________, Naraka, (Tripitaka), Buddha

                              Hindu Distinctives
Moksha, (Brahman), Naraka, the Vedas, (Krishna)

                             Jewish Distinctives
Olam Haba, Yahweh, Gehenna, Tanakh, (Moses)

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