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"Oh, by the way, that means you're a sinner..."

It seems that we've forgotten to tell the "unsaved" a few minor points in our modern gospel message. Indeed, we almost refer to these things as if they were the small print in the salvation contract.

• You need to repent of your sins.

• Satan will hate you more.

• Living for Jesus should bring visible changes in your life.

• Living for Jesus will generally bring new challenges all the time.

• You will be more sensitive to sin in your life.

• You will likely be "used" a lot more, and I don't mean just by God.

• When you don't do the simple things of ordinary christian living, you will struggle harder with life.



A few observations follow:

   Did you know that the depth of despair and desire for deliverance from your sinful self will determine how much you will love your Savior? Those who are forgiven much, love much. [see the parable of the two debtors at Luke 7:40] Now this is not to say that the one who has the worse sins will be the best Christ lover. Not at all. But if we would see a generation of christians on fire for the Lord, we must emphasize that Sin is the reason that Christ came into the world, and because of our failure to deal with it. We are in the final analysis, failures, and our victory is only because God sent a deliverer.

   This is a missing part from our gospel message, that we are sinners, desperate and damnable. And if our desire for a Savior is not equal to our desire for deliverance from Sin, our resulting salvation will likely produce lukewarm christians.

   Put another way: Jesus is the Son of God and He died for our sins. This is really the truth and not hard to agree with. But without heartfelt repentance, without a sense of abject guilt, they are just so many words to a creed that can be said with the lips but produce no change in the heart.

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