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Sub-Committee for Subversive Activities

A New Kind of Sunday School Class

Sunday Morning Class (or In-Home K Group)

    1) Spend one month studying a controversial topic

                   a) On-going topic submittal
                   b) Compile list of topics
                   c) Take requests and vote on next topic to be studied
2) Multi-Discipline Approach (this will require structure and an agenda)(not all methods need to be used every time)

                   a) Homework & 5 Minute Presentations
                   b) Research Internet and Print Sources
                   c) Debate
                   d) Guest Speakers (and Guest Speaker Impersonators)
                   e) Bible Verse Stockpile related to Topic
                   f) Religious Tract Review
                   g) Other

3) Compose Newsletter
      a) Class members to submit articles (voluntary or assigned!!)
      b) Get someone to typeset
      c) Class review and edit

                                      Subversive Newsletter

    1) Local Distribution

                a) Literature racks placed in businesses
                     (e.g. - Libraries, Bookstores, Laundromats,
                     Barber/Beauty Shops, City Market, Supermarkets,... )
                b) Paid subscriber mailing list
                c) E-mail subscriber list
                d) Monthly or Bi-Monthly Publication

    2) Copy to have "60's Look" and flavor
                         (hand-written is very cool)

                 a) Belligerent Title
                        e.g. "Satan's Nemesis"; "One Foot in Hell"
                 b) Political/Spiritual Cartoons
                 c) Phony-Baloney Contributor Names
                        e.g. Crusty Joe Biblewacker, Jesus Girl

    3) Traditional-looking advertisement for the church

4) ?? (Possibly send copy to a local “hip” newspaper for republishing )

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