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The Christian Vocation

There is a calling that I cannot seem to attain, but try to anyway. That is the calling to be like Christ. I know of no higher calling. I know of no better ethical ideal.

I am asked to love and forgive EVERYBODY, friend and foe alike. (I am allowed to hate sin, but I am not allowed to hate people.) I am to be pure in body and pure in motive. I am to defend the Bible even when there are still many parts that are obscure to me. Nothing that I possess, no relationship that I may treasure, no future that I am working towards, may be allowed to come between my God and my self. Wow. Who can do this?

Not I. Not without help. If anyone sees me and is lead to believe that I am holy and pure, let me assure you, I am not. I’m not even close. But Eternal Love has taken possession of me in such a way that I nevertheless strive towards these. And to whatever measure I gain in any of the above virtues, I do here and now give the glory to God and to His Son Jesus Christ. He did this to me.

And here is the tension. I still can (and do) fall back into sin and can undo the progress that has been made. Yes, I repent and climb back up on the road and continue the journey, but the fall sets me back, I have lost ground. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Lust, pride, and indifference are my personal antagonists, tho I know there are many more than these out there… and in me. (Can I get a witness?) And the real paradox is that despite this constant conflict, I am as happy and contented as they come, indeed sometimes silly and carefree. What’s up with that?

I believe that there are different ways to be like Christ, but He is still the role model, still the ideal. You can be a Christ-like monk or a Christ-like employee. You can be a Christ-like politician (very rare) or a Christ-like mother. In all the places that life finds us, so does our Savior. Sometimes He will call us to another path, but He is still there to be our inspiration and guide. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

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