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The Mind of God

An illustration: The Bible is like the hard drive on a computer. It contains all the information needed to run the computer and run the programs, meaning, to live life. It has everything that God wants us to know: about Him; about His Son; about living. It is the Mind of God.

Think about your own mind. How much is up there? Lots of stuff, right? An amazing amount of stuff, right? Names, recipes, telephone numbers, addresses, historical files of interactions with people we know, job skills and experience, colors and categories and room to expand (to learn more stuff).

Do we use ALL this stuff when we think? Of course not. (Altho, that said, it would be nice if some people would use a little more.) No, we use what is needed to accomplish what we desire. That is actually the most amazing thing of all, that we can access what we need when we need it.

I am thinking that the Bible is like this. That it has everything that is in God’s Mind for us, but we only need to access certain parts for any given task (life situation), and that if we know the Bible cover to cover, God will use it to bring to our minds what is needed for each and every moment of living.

This is problematic for me because there are parts of the bible that I still don’t understand. And there is a whole heaping lot of the Bible that I have yet to appreciate the fuller implications of. And there are parts of the Bible that bore me to death (think the construction of the Tabernacle). And there are parts of the Bible that seem pedantic (overly redundant)(think the prophet’s calls for Israel to repent and return to God). And there are parts that I struggle with (think annihilation warfare and slavery). But doesn’t my brain contain these things too.

Unresolved paradoxes. Insufficient analysises. Redundant reasoning’s. Trivia. Seemingly useless or counter-productive stuff, but which parting with I would cease to be “me”. There’s lots of stuff up there, waiting to be used when I need it, or even holding me back from making rash decisions. So too, there’s lots of stuff in the Bible, waiting to be applied to our lives and decisions when God knows we need it. Our job is to put in up there, meaning, reading and knowing the Bible well.

So, when I face paradoxes, I am reminded of Job and his friends. When I don’t have time to consider a choice fully, I am reminded that God guards the path of those who depend on Him and “that all things work together for the good of those who love God - those whom he has called according to his purpose.” When I have over-analyzed a decision, I am reminded to pray for wisdom. The many and diverse pericopes of the Bible are my comfort and inspiration (think the sayings of Jesus, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes and Psalms, Paul’s sharp thoughts). Here is trivia that heals and rebukes and makes me wise. There is no useless information, only information that is not needed yet.

Having the right perspective can go a long way in helping us to persevere in our daily discipline of Bible reading and study. The Bible is the revealed Mind of God for us. Knowing it let’s God apply it in our lives. Who wouldn’t want that?

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